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Fashion Unraveled
How to Start, Run and Manage an Independent Fashion Label

Take a peek into the operations of an independent fashion design business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, student, or craftsperson, this book will guide you through the implementation process. From discovering who you are as a designer to an in-depth look at costing, pricing and budgeting, you will learn more than you ever thought possible from 248 pages. Check out our Resources & Links page, its broken down by the sections of this book for easy reference.


Table of Contents

Introduction to the Fashion Industry
Chapter 1: Background and Statistics
Chapter 2: Summary of the Design Process

Developing your line

Chapter 3: Define yourself
Chapter 4: Define your market
Chapter 5: Define your customer
Chapter 6: Create your brand and identity
Chapter 7: Develop a collection
Chapter 8: Development Schedule
Chapter 9: Competition

Chapter 17: Introduction to Marketing
Chapter 18: Press Releases
Chapter 19: Email Marketing Campaigns
Chapter 20: Creating a Web Presence
Chapter 21: Blogging
Chapter 22: Social Media
Chapter 23: Networking
Chapter 24: The Elevator Pitch

Sales and Promotion
Chapter 25: Introduction to Sales
Chapter 26: Direct Sales
Chapter 27: Indirect Sales
Chapter 28: Line sheets
Chapter 29: Look books

Starting your Business
Chapter 30: Business Entity
Chapter 31: Licenses and Permits
Chapter 32: Financial Basics
Chapter 33: Funding Your Business
Chapter 34: Protecting your work



Chapter 10: Introduction to Production
Chapter 11: Fabric Sourcing
Chapter 12: Patterns and Samples
Chapter 13: Grading
Chapter 14: Cutting
Chapter 15: Production
Chapter 16: The Green Movement

Laws and Regulations
Chapter 35: Labeling Requirements
Chapter 36: State Garment Laws
Chapter 37: Product Safety Regulations

Running your Business

Chapter 38: Employees and Contractors
Chapter 39: Budgeting Basics
Chapter 40: Start-up Costs
Chapter 41: Variable Costs
Chapter 42: Direct Fixed Costs
Chapter 43: Indirect Fixed Expenses
Chapter 44: Pricing
Chapter 45: Financial projections
Chapter 46: Break Even Point
Chapter 47: Exit Strategy

Building a Business Plan

Chapter 48: Introduction to your Business Plan
Chapter 49: Cover Page
Chapter 50: Executive Summary
Chapter 51: Objectives
Chapter 52: Product
Chapter 53: Marketing
Chapter 54: Operations
Chapter 55: Management and Organization
Chapter 56: Financial Plan
Chapter 57: Appendices


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