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East Bay Fashion Resource

The East Bay Fashion Resource (EBFR) was founded in 2007 by designers Jennifer Lynne Matthews and Misty Rose. They sought to provide a centralized resource for the San Francisco bay area design community. From 2007 to 2009, EBFR assisted many small fashion and craft businesses through their consulting services and seminars. The services ranged from product development to business implementation.

In 2008, the duo began one-on-one personal business coaching and with the knowledge they brought from the industry, began organization of their first book, Fashion Unraveled: How to Start, Run and Manage an Independent Fashion Label. Matthews completed the book with the assistance of Rose and published the book in late January of 2009.

In September of 2009, Matthews chose to follow her teaching career at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising down to Los Angeles, CA. Rose continues to reside in Oakland, CA and coaches small businesses where the duo left off.

The East Bay Fashion Resource now acts mainly as a publisher for educational books for the fashion industry entrepreneur. Consulting is still available on a limited basis and seminars are occasionally held in Oakland and in Los Angeles. You can sign up for our newsletter to be updated on our workshops as well as when new books become available.

The goals of EBFR is to provide educational resources for designers, hobbyists, crafters and individuals with an idea, an in-depth look at design, finance and the legal aspects of running a fashion design business.

Jennifer Lynne Matthews

Jennifer Lynne Matthews

Jennifer Lynne graduated from NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology in 1999 with an specialization in intimate apparel. After working in the industry as a stylist and freelance designer, she launched her business in 2002.

As well as running her own design business, Jennifer also owned and operated an independent designer co-op in San Francisco's Mission District for 2 years. She closed the doors to Porcelynne Designer Collective in 2008 to concentrate on her role as an educator.

Surpassing the many pitfalls of running her own businesses, Jennifer felt that others should benefit from her experiences and authored Fashion Unraveled.

Ms. Matthews is currently an instructor at the Los Angeles campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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